What is Love and its Impact on Life

What is Love? And Its Impact on Life


First of all, let me make it more clear that what are we talking about? What do you meant by love?
Are you talking about love between two persons? or a love of a person with something else? or a believe? there are numerous aspects on them we can talk.
Love is not a mathematical equation or any specified rule or a formula that can be 100% exactly described. No one can describe it in words in the world, because life is a feeling of emotions, you can say that it is a set of emotions, a big set of emotions and feelings.

It can vary from one person to another. One can say that I love her/him, another can say that I love my parents, siblings or spouse, and other can say that I love my car.
So the purpose of all these examples is just to clarify the different aspects of love.
Some examples are, a person makes him or herself and some of them are already programmed by the nature, for example: parents, siblings and relatives.

Let’s discuss some examples on both relations, one is naturally made and another that a person make him or herself:

Relation, that is made naturally (Biological):

As discussed above that the relations and love between a family like parents, siblings and relatives are naturally and biological.
Parents loves their children, take care of them, grow them until they can and then they are become elder, their children start to take care of them. Same as we can take example for siblings and relatives because that is biological. But we can’t define these examples because these are not self made. The relation and love that can be defined a bit is self made relationship.

Let’s take an example of self made relation and love

If a person says to another “I Love You”, then the reaction of another one is depends on him/her. If he/she also loves him/her then they can make a successful and happy relationship in form of husband and wife; I’m not talking about fake love in which, the emotions becomes weak in every aspect of life, I am talking about true relationship and love.

On the other hand, if we talk about fake relation and love then many variations can be seen. In that relationship, the urge to be staying together changes with time. In the early stages, both will say that we will be together, ever etc. But their feeling will varies by time and therefore they can’t make a successful and happy relationship together.

Love is a name of commitment, that have to be accepted by both persons.

Does Love impact our lives?

Of course Yes, love has very powerful impact on our lives. It can play significant role by both physically and mentally. People involved in a happy relationship are less reported to be anxious and depressed. People both feels loved from each other are more tend to live a healthy life.

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