Does wearing mask help prevent coronavirus?

Does wearing mask help prevent coronavirus?

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The most frequently asked question nowadays, that does wearing masks really help prevent spreading coronavirus?
Some people given its answer that this is true, we can stay away from this virus just by wearing masks, on the other hand, some believes that the idea of wearing masks is pointless.
So how we can get the right answer? How we can say that wearing mask is really effective or not? or anything else has to be followed too? For this, we need to take it more deeply.

Let’s talk about some facts and some myths about that.

So guys, hope all of you are well aware about the situation of current issue of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Numerous people are suffering from this dangerous disease from all over the world. But there is no any vaccine available yet to prevent Corona Virus.
The worst side is that this virus is spreading very fast by one person to another just by coughing, handshaking or by touching someone. There are many ways to spread that, so how we can say that wearing mask is enough to prevent coronavirus?

Guys, wearing mask is effective to help prevent coronavirus but this is not enough for that, we have to take care of some other things too. Some of them are included stay at home, social distancing, keep your hands clean etc. You can read in more depth here.

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