7 Ways To Stay Busy And Motivated While Quarantine During Lockdown

7 ways to Stay Busy and Motivated while Quarantine during Lockdown


Hi guys, as all you know that we are facing the very huge disease nowadays that has been occurred newly and I hope all of you are familiar with this, that is Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The worst side is not that this is a disease, but the worsen side is that this is a disease that is spreading very fast just by one person to another by shaking hands, hugging, working with others in an office, by coughing and any type of gathering.
If we talk about our lives, then we can say that “Work is Life”, because we work to fulfill our needs, but the scenario nowadays is as we are stuck in our houses.
We can’t go outside for work, shopping, walking or for anything that is important for our daily lives.
Every country has locked down, Schools and workplaces are closed. In this scenario it is very difficult for us to be motivated and busy all the time because we are out of our routines, we haven’t to go to work daily, therefore everyone is going to be lazy and demotivated.

But you guys don’t be worried about that, because I am going to discuss some ways to stay busy and motivated all the time during this lockdown because of CoronaVirus.

1. Make a Routine

First of all, you have to make a routine, and this is the most important part than others.
Whatever you do during these days it doesn’t matter, but the thing that highly matters is that how and when you are doing that thing.
All you have to do is, go to sleep earlier and get up early in the morning on the same time everyday. Set a time in your mind, stick on it and follow that routine.
Define some hours for every single thing for those we are going to discuss about below.

2. Read New Things

As we all knows that reading something, specially new things is very beneficial for ourselves. It promotes our brain, our way of thinking and also this is a good source of gaining information.
You can read a book, an article, a novel or anything that you are interested in. Just sit somewhere in your house or in your room and keep your focus only in reading, it will very helpful for you to spend the good time.

3. Do Study

If you are a student then you should give time to your study too.
I can understand that this is very difficult task for students to do so but it is important because if you don’t give time to your studies then you will face very difficulties and burden after lock down. Therefore, giving time to your studies is also a good activity throughout the day.

4. Spend time with your family and loved ones

Staying at the home is a good opportunity to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.
You can talk with them, discuss with them about your future goals, watch movie with them and also you can communicate with your friends telephonically to stay in touch with them.

5. Do something productive that you were ever want to do

Think deeply that which things or tasks you ever want to do but can’t done because of insufficient time. Make a list of them and just start working on them right now.
Approximately everyone has a dream to do something different or productive that he/she didn’t done ever. You can’t imagine that this time is what for you, This is a super chance for you to do that. Think about it.

6. You can play video games, watch TV or surf the internet

These are also good choices for you to do in your day but keep in mind, it should not be your fist priority because you should give time to important things first than others.
You can enjoy your favorite video game, watch a TV channel in which you are interested or you can browse the internet to explore new information.

7. Do some Workout or Yoga

This is going to be very important part of your daily routine that you can’t underestimate.
Guys, in these days as everyone is bound to stay at home to be safe, it is very important for everyone to do some exercise or yoga throughout the day. Decide any time that is convenient for you to do workout and follow that routine too.
Our bodies are just like a machine, as machines are required to be in working condition every time, just like this, our bodies are also need to do something physically to stay fit. So guys keep following exercise routine (just for 15 to 20 minutes) daily to stay energized, otherwise you will become lazy.

The Bottom Line

Everything has two aspects, a positive and a negative. This is true that it’s a worst time that we all are bounded to stay at home to be safe but, This time has some positive parts too, those you have to explore according to your lifestyle. The choice is yours, Think positive, be positive and do positive.

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