How Can We Prevent The Spread of Coronavirus?

How Can We Prevent The Spread of Coronavirus?

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Hi Guys, Hope you are fine. Guys as we all know and hope you also well aware about the current situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Numerous people from all over the world are suffering from this disease and many of deaths.
Also we know that this virus is spreading very fast from one person to another just by shaking hands, coughing and by touching others. And as a responsible citizen, this is our responsibility to be safe and let other people safe.
To do that there are various things to take care to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. We can’t prevent the spread of it just by take care of a few things, we have to take care of all the things those are required to help prevent the spread of it.

Let’s discuss some important things those help prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

1. Stay at Home

The very first thing that we have to take on the first priority is stay at home. Staying at home is the best option to prevent the spreading of corona virus. Because if you go out the home you will meet other people, shake hands with them, spend the time with them and by doing so, you can be get infected or spread your infection to others. Therefore staying at home is the best option for this.
I can understand that this is not so easy but you can find some interested ways to stay busy and motivated while staying at home here.

2. Wash your hands again and again

Washing your hands is also an important thing to do to prevent the spread of Coronavirus because it is spreading very fast by shaking hands or by touching the infected one, so just washing your hands with alcohol based hand rub, sanitizer or with a good quality soap with water again and again (with 30 minutes of gap) can be helpful.

3. Wear Mask

As we all knows that coronavirus usually spread through nose and mouth via breathing. Therefore wearing a good quality and clean mask is very helpful to prevent its spread. The germ of corona virus cannot cross the mask’s cloth and you will be safe from the virus.

4. Avoid Crowded Places (Social Distancing)

Social Distancing also having an important role in preventing the spread of Corona Virus. We can’t stay every time in our home. Sometimes we have to go out of home to get the things those are very important for us to live, for example: Foods, Grocery etc.
In those cases, social distancing have very important role, you just have to stay some feet far from others. Because of this, you will not touch others and you will be safe.

5. Don’t touch your face

This is a possibility that your hand have the germs of corona virus and when you touch your face, mouth or nose then the germ enters you via nose or mouth.
So avoid touching your face will also help you to stay safe from virus.

6. Don’t Share Food or Water

Did you think about that? may be not, but this is a very logical thing.
For example: if someone (infected with corona virus) is eating a burger or drinking the water from a glass and if you eat his/her that burger or drink that water from that glass then there are definitely chances that you will also get infected.
So avoiding the food sharing is also very helpful to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus.

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